Keegan Chambers: “What I Wouldn’t Do”

By: Fay Rose
July 23, 2021

Toronto’s Keegan Chamber’s is sending the message that ‘consent is sexy’ in her provocative new music video, “What I Wouldn’t Do.”

The video for “What I Wouldn’t Do” is set in a disco-looking roller-skating rink. It has a lively retro-throwback ‘80s vibe going on but with a very 2020’s message. In the era of the me too movement and all, where people may be afraid of dating or even pursuing romance, this video proves how sexy things can get once consent is given. As ladies skate around the arena, Keegan Chambers is looking sultry singing of what she wouldn’t do to get the girl she’s after. She delivers the lyrics with an alluring confidence that demands attention.  

With its catchy pop-dance sound and modern message, “What I Wouldn’t Do” is a strong music video worthy of a view.

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