Keegan Chambers: “Not Waiting”

By: Ico Beltran
January 16, 2020

Keegan Chambers bursts into the new year with a symphonic pop song that sounds like the soundtrack to an epic war film.

From an objective standpoint, β€œNot Waiting” may be the most creative and cutting-edgepop song in recent time. Keegan Chambers arrives at battle all geared up; she comeswith intense horns, muddy-electric riffs, ticking time-bomb guitar licks, and a trudging drum beat. The environment is placed into slow motion as she belts out, β€œI won’t wait,won’t wait for you. I won’t wait, I won’t wait for you.” As an assertive, frontline forcewhose lost all patience, Keegan Chambers is here to take whatever she wants. It wouldbe wise to step out of her way.

Since her debut single, β€œLoving You,” Keegan Chambers has had a knack for portrayinga rustic, hard-boiled persona ensconced in a badass habitat, whether it be acrime-ridden town or a battlefield. It’s a unique take on the contemporary pop style that narrows its imagery onto clubs and sex.

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