Kechi: “All The Time”

By: Eric Reyes
May 31, 2021

Artist Kechi Okwuchi, who stunned and inspired audiences on America’s Got Talent, entertains with this bright and sunny pop outing. ‘All The Time’ is a charming track with a catchy tune and accessible lyrics.

The track is pleasant, buoyed by a finely attuned backing mix. Kechi’s voice glides through, hitting every note perfectly. The positive message of an uplifting and inspiring love is given life by her bright and lively tonality. She really opens up in the second half, flexing her vocal ability, but maintaining her pleasant and warm sound that draws you in.

The lyrical content stands out as well for its accessibility. The words paint a sunny picture of a life made all the better by this other person being a part of it.

The production behind her shows its polish, with an easy but lively mix that engages the listener. Instead of losing the performance in a wall of sound, we are treated to the full range of Kechi’s performance.

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