Kaz (feat. Hikari Mitsushima): “Drown”

By: Fay Rose
September 19, 2021

Japanese artist Kazuma Mitchell of J-Pop boyband Intersection has begun the leap into his solo career. Kazuma is now known simply as Kaz, and “Drown” is the latest solo single on his musical journey.

“Drown” is a love song that centers on that feeling of drowning in love. There’s an artsy quality to the unique track that plays out like a cinematic feature. The lyrics are filled with emotion, delivered in a subtle, yet effective manner.

Kaz commissioned actress-singer-model Hikari Mitsushima for the wispy female voice featured in “Drown.” The song wouldn’t have been the same without her ethereal vocals. Hikari was also a former member of J-Pop groups before pursuing an acting career.

“Drown” is the second single from Kaz’s new EP, Code Love. Both song and EP are available now for streaming.

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