Kaylin Cervini: “Someone You Loved”

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

Kaylin Cervini sings like its in her blood. And maybe it is. The Rochester, New York native hits us hard in the pits of our hearts with her passionate rendition of Lewis Capaldi’s mournful ballad “Someone You Loved.” 

The independently released music video accompanying the cover is a simple, somber experience that does with one location and simple camerawork what others barely accomplish. The emotional desolation of loss, of loneness, is in every note, every lyric. Alongside the operatic, thrillingly grandiose vocals of Alphonso Wiliams, we felt tears trying to slip out. As we reach the crescendo of the song, the two harmonize perfectly, two separate pleas becoming one beautiful voice. 

Treat yourself to a good cry and some chills and listen to “Someone You Loved” by Kaylin Cervini today!

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