Kaylin Cervini: “Slow Motion”

April 07, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

The power of Kaylin Cervini’s performance got me early.

Taking a very poetic, metaphorical approach to the lyrics, the entirety of the narrative is bolstered by the earth-shaking vocals. The individual style of Kaylin Cervini is one of great power and range, evened out by her effective control of these very elements. The strength of this piece is the melding of the mix and performer, relying on the two prominent aspects to really beef up the other. And it just works.

I found myself often lost in just the sound of her voice, carried away from the lyrics, from the words, by the vibrations of it all. The mix was sufficient, and definitely worked in quite a bit of theatricality, but it all served to really enhance the impressive vocal talent at center stage.

There’s something about a powerhouse performer backed by icy, cascading electronic crashes and piano that really sends chills down your spine.

I can’t recommend this track enough, listen today.