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Kassandra Clack: “Optimist”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
April 15, 2022

Kassandra Clack doesn’t need to be an “Optimist” to think she has a hit song. 

Her new single is the best of pop and country music mixed together.  The lyrics are empowering and also a little humorous.  The catchy chorus is sure to incite a singalong with lines like “You’re not a good guy, I’m just an optimist.”  In fact, towards the end of the song, it sounds like a crowd joining in.  Clack’s charming vocals enhance the honesty in the lyrics.  The Canadian singer-songwriter really connected with the song, which took her six months to complete.  She said in an Instragram post that recording it “had been the most welcoming and compassionate experience.”

Clack collaborated with producer Dan Swinimer on the track.  “Optimist” is the first single off her upcoming debut album entitled It’s Time which is it’s scheduled to be released in the Fall.

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