By: Tiare Pito
January 19, 2023

Toronto based DJ KANG has just released a new single, and we are obsessed! “YAE” is a fast passed track with a pumping vibe and great energy. With its addictive sound, it is the perfect tune to enjoy yourself and dance to!

“YAE” is delivered to us with addictive beats and an electric atmosphere. The EDM track is well arranged and stands out from other hits of its genre. There is a gradual inflation of textural energy, which blends and has listeners hanging onto every note. With each bar, more and more elements start to be introduced, creating more tension and a richer texture. KANG successfully creates a simultaneously laid back and lively, dynamic atmosphere.

KANG has absolutely hit the nail on the head with “YAE”. THE song to vibe out and dance to, we can’t wait to see what will be next from this talented DJ!

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