KairozMusic x Futureshape x Lee Wilson: “Pick Me Up”

May 31, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

I’ve used the phrase ‘electronic cascade’ before and I’m glad I added that to my arsenal, because that’s really the only way to describe this brilliant EDM track. Artists KairozMusic, Futureshape, and Lee Wilson collaborate to bring us a brilliant explosion of sound in ‘Pick Me Up.’

The track would be at home at any EDM festival, opening in a slow burn, meant to get bodies pressed together and moving to the beat. It builds and builds till it blooms into an all out assault on the senses. You get swept up in the energy of the mix, the well crafted vibe that doesn’t let up. It is just so crisp. The texture of the audio is so complex and multifaceted that when you’re coming off of one high, one driving bass beat, you’re caught by another electronic wave that just keeps rolling.

The vocals have their own special place amidst the well-choreographed sensory overload, sitting on its own icy throne that rises with the beat, soaring and then crashing out and vanishing beneath the wave, glowing just under the surface, emerging with a grandiosity and impressiveness all its own.