Kaerhart: “Heart of Stone”

By: Fay Rose
September 08, 2021

Singer-songwriter Kaerhart is back with her first new release since 2018. The impactful pop track, “Heart of Stone” opens your heart and mind at looking within.

Through the delightful instrumental arrangement and heartfelt lyrics is a message of finding self-acceptance, self-healing and ultimately self-love. Kaerhart’s vocals sing like a testament of empowerment with a tone of sincerity and understanding.

In addition to her music, Kaerhart (pronounced care-heart), is a world-renowned numerologist and best-selling author of “You Are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology.” She also has a clothing line called Mystic Tribe. Kaerhart’s self-described life’s mission is to heal. Looks like she’s on the right track with enlightening songs such as “Heart of Stone.” Afterall, music is the most powerful form of healing there is because it impacts at soul level.

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