Kadeema: “What Are We Not Saying Now?”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 07, 2020

Toronto-based duo, Kadeema have created a booming new anthemic track called “What Are We Not Saying Now?”

Jimmy Chauveau met Tal after moving from England to Toronto to attend audio school. The two musicians became friends and started to collaborate and performed in a band with one another which eventually led to the formation of their own project, Kadeema. Now the duo creates rock-inspired pop ballads with grand and striking beats.

Clashing drums and raucous guitar riffs shake, rattle, and roll on “What Are We Not Saying Now?” The track’s introspective lyrics contain hints of personal experiences but are also universal enough to apply to larger social commentary. “When I’m looking back on my youth/Will the history books tell the truth,” the duo earnestly asks. 

Kadeema’s music acknowledges the faults of our society while mirroring their own internal struggles to do better. This is a feeling that many of us can find solidarity in, but Kadeema is asking us to look beyond our emotions and use their insights to propel us to make real changes. We couldn’t agree more, Kadeema, and we support the initiative. 

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