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JXE: “Gorgeous”

By: Fay Rose
September 26, 2021

There’s nothing more appreciated than hearing you’re gorgeous when you are feeling anything but. “Gorgeous” is the feel-good new single from Nashville pop artist JXE. The positive pop song acknowledges a person’s beauty is ever-present despite any negative circumstances they may be facing.

Sweet, uplifting lyrics are surrounded by a melodic pop melody making “Gorgeous” a delightful, ear-pleasing tune. The tender vocals are sung in a tone of honesty and understanding, dancing effortlessly with the harmonious backdrop.

Can’t seem to find out any interesting info on JXE, other that this quote taken from his social media pages – “I make pop music you should listen to. <3”

If you are in a slump and feel inadequate, listen to “Gorgeous” for the perfect self-esteem boost.

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