J.W. Cudd: “Palms”

By: Eric Reyes
June 13, 2021

J.W. CUDD has continued his creatively stimulating streak with the invigorating track β€˜Palms.’

I’ve commented before on J.W. CUDD’s versatility and I have to say I’m impressed by his continued openness of style and influence.

β€˜Palms’ isn’t a seductive bedroom jam, or a fist-pumping EDM festival banger, both of which J.W. CUDD has plenty of experience with. The energy of the track is more evenhanded, much of the attention given to CUDD’s vocal performance. He’s always played around with the tonality of his voice, melding various stylistic influences, but here the balance between his actual performance and the mix/digital manipulation gives his vocals more room to play. He has a roundness to his pronunciation that serves him well, adding emphasis and accessibility to his words. This roundness, along with the deeper bass intonations, has a friendly, comforting effect, which is essential for a track like this.

The mix is catchy, and has a light, playful character to it. Taking a cue from the tropical-paradise-laden language of the lyrics, the track keeps an β€˜island’ sprit and energy throughout. As always, J.W. CUDD presents, and delivers, a solid addition to any playlist.

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