Juze & C4LVN: “Just Okay”

15. April 2021 | Autor: Eric Reyes

Light and breezy. I felt like I was sitting on the edge of a sheer cliff face with a pleasant breeze gracing my skin. Juze and C4LVN collaborate on the beautifully light track β€˜Just Okay.’

Speaking to, and about, someone with no real awareness of the impact they have on others, the track rolls along easily enough. The introspection is also very striking here. Balancing the look inward with the criticism very well, the track keeps up a spirited pace. Dipping here and there to continue the narrative thread of the unaware, disinterested party, it doesn’t ever dwell long enough to completely dispel the energy.

The vocals are wonderfully lofty, cloudlike. Lacking aggression and harshness, despite the lyrical content.

I, oddly enough, got vibes similar to the track β€˜Must Be Dreaming’ by Frou Frou. Though admittedly slower than that excellent track, β€˜Just Okay’ is a soft, lovely experience that is so much more.