Julia Church: “Japan”

By: Meech Justice
April 01, 2020

Julia Church obviously had a therapy session with the world then wrote a song about it. “Japan” is the perfect melody to remind us all that we won’t be getting on a flight anytime soon. Thanks COVID-19! 

“I don’t want to talk about it, what is the sense in that?” is our exact sentiment too. Ironically, that’s how Julia opens the pop folk number. This moody anthem will have you deep in your feelings but even deeper in your thoughts. “April brings the cherry blossoms,” but what else does the season change bring? Julia Church yearns for her to return to “Japan” when times were a bit simpler. She’s not the same girl here as she once was in Japan. The song has a musical break down accompanied by some dialogue that might have some historical reference or meaning. Either way, we want to go with Ms. Church back to “Japan.” Take a listen below and decide if you’ll be buying your ticket with us.

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