Joshua Radin: “You’re My Home”

By: Eric Reyes
April 08, 2021

A self-taught self-starter who doesn’t rest on his laurels, Joshua Radin delivers a wonderful performance in ‘You’re My Home’, his newest single from the upcoming album The Ghost And The Wall.

The Folk genre will always have an easy route to my heart, as I am a sentimental kid from a farming town who can’t help but clap or stomp along to a stringed instrument and smoky voice. But Joshua Radin didn’t need, nor does he trade, in sentiment or easy roads in. This song works on its own merits, my sentimentality aside. The instrumentals are keeping with the traditions of the genre, and while they are key players, in the end they’re so light and tastefully applied, that you’d be mistaken to think the only instruments on hand were… well, hands. His voice manages to be warm, like a hint of whiskey in a cup of coffee next to the fire, looking out into the soft blue night, beyond the reach of city lights, of city sounds, but not beyond the reach of that special someone.

I just felt so welcome and warm listening to this track. Sure, the word ‘home’ is a bit universal for us, and even if our own situations aren’t necessarily the most welcoming, the word does elicit a feeling of comfort and peace. Joshua Radin is aware of this and plies his craft as a professional raconteur well.

A foot stomping, hand-clapping good time, it just is so bursting with the ‘bonfire’ energy I talk about so often, that I don’t know why you’re still reading this and not listening for yourself. Feel like you belong, because you do, and listen to this wonderful track today.

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