Joshua Hyslop: “Gentle Heart”

By: Princess Carroll
April 16, 2020

Joshua Hyslop will have you falling in love in his new single, Gentle Heart.

The Canadian singer-songwriter’s new track is simple and lovely- just like its title. Hyslop’s dreamy vocals shine as he encourages his listener to never give up on love. The lyric β€œwe found hope in a hopeless time” encapsulates the theme of the track. Love is work and while his love interest grows weary, Joshua’s lyrics paint a picture of what could be for the lonely soul. He encourages them with the simple verse β€œ…keep on moving down the road”, eventually leading to a deep, connected love. Gentle Heart is romantic, but it’s not sappy or shallow. It points listeners to something deeper and that’s what we love about it!

Gentle Heart is the latest single from Joshua Hyslop’s new EP Embers. Since his debut album in 2012, Joshua Hyslop has garnered over 185 million streams across the globe. He’s performed over 300 shows, spanning North America and Europe. While he doesn’t have any shows lined up, you can enjoy live performances from Josh on his Facebook page. Check out Joshua Hyslop’s dreamy track Gentle Heart below! Tell us what you think of this tune on social media today: @gasmakmagazine.

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