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Jordan Michelle:  “Tear Me Down”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 27, 2021

Jordan Michelle is ready to take on the world with her new single “Tear Me Down.”  The pop song exudes strength.  The lyrics speak about overcoming adversity and having the will to get through the tough times.  Michelle gave insight into the meaning behind the song.  She’s quoted by Lefuturewave saying:

Tear Me Down is about surviving struggles with the advice given to me from my grandmother, a Holocaust survivor: ‘Optimism in the face of adversity will always lead to the greatest outcome.’ I want my fans to know that it’s okay to be in the fire, but you can also be pulled out; the discomfort and pain have a purpose, and it’s not forever.

The accompanying music enhances the powerful theme she expresses in the lyrics.  Her heroic vocals not only add more depth to the song but also showcase her range.  

“Tear Me Down” has a meaningful message which makes it a great choice for the New York native’s debut single.  As she embarks on her singing career, Michelle has documented her creative journey and has also created a video for the song.  Check out the video for “Tear Me Down”

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