Jonah Kagen: “Broken”

By: Eric Reyes
June 8, 2021

Right off the bat, I’ll suggest you experience this track in its full, with the accompanying Music Video.

Everything is really brought together by the visuals of the video. A beautiful, mossy, abandoned house with a broad courtyard, long, claustrophobic hallways, stone walls, rustic-style arched doors and long-empty windowpanes. β€˜Broken’, both the song and the video, utilizes all the tools available to Jonah Kagen.

The low rumble of Jonah Kagen’s voice is very comforting. Beginning at almost an intimate stage whisper, meant to sound like a secret but loud enough for the right people to hear. As he builds from the opening confidential tone, his strong tonality comes to full bloom. Less a confession than a testament. And then the plea begins. The disarmingly sincere sentiment of his performance is its greatest strength.

Instrumentals and backing mix are understated, keeping in line with the mood set by Jonah Kagen’s impressive performance. Much like the setting of the music video, they so perfectly capture the mood, the moment, that the piece would suffer without them.

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