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Jon Reynolds & The Aches: “Love Blind”

By: Princess Carroll
August 19, 2020

How do you build again after heartbreak? Jon Reynolds & The Aches explore this in “Love Blind.”

Jumping right into it, Jon takes us on his journey after a painful breakup. His ex has left and he’s having a hard time finding hope. “Love Blind” describes this feeling of hopelessness; begging the question “how do you move on when you’re still love blind?” Although it seems like a downer, the song itself is upbeat. You can still enjoy it with your friends and sing along with lead singer Jon Reynolds’ dreamy falsetto. The catchy chorus is hard to get out of your head, making its listener just as “love blind”. 

“Love Blind” is the newest single from their EP, Petrichor. Jon Reynolds & The Aches is a musician team formed by Jon Reynolds’ after his acclaimed singles, “Undertow” and “Tomorrow’s News”. He and his bandmates aim to create music that reflects the times we live in and the issues that need to be highlighted most. 

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