John Linhart: “Let Me Know”

By: Eric Reyes
June 17, 2021

Well now I’m all hot and bothered.

John Linhart’s latest release, ‘Let Me Know’ opens with a solid late 90’s Hip-Hop/R&B sound and vibe that gets you grooving. I can’t speak for his intent but that initial impression holds strong throughout this seductive track. The beat especially has that era-specific influence that is hard to replicate. Here he isn’t recreating so much as re-capturing this overall vibe.

That sound is a solid 50/50 mix of beat and vocals and the balance here is somehow 60/60. His vocals have a sexy thrill to them, easily drifting along with the well-crafted mix, taking on the character of the beat but working off of his own natural magnetism and charm. If he were to have gone even more stripped down as far as the backing mix, his vocals and the lyrics would have been able to hold their own, as the strength of the emotional impression, again that seductiveness, is powerful.

The beat and mix are clear evidence of his musical pedigree. It manages to expertly capture a mood right out the gate and doesn’t ever stumble or spill out into some sidetrack, copping out from commitment to a single influence. It’s impressive and will definitely stick around in your head long after the song’s stopped playing.

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