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Joel Corry x RAYE x David Guetta: “BED”

By: Eric Reyes
March 10, 2021

The ability to collaborate is essential in today’s hybrid music scene. Collaboration on its own is toothless without effective producing.

A song with several players mashed together for the sake of ‘balancing the ticket’ without artistry or attention to the strengths and talents of the contributors is just noise. A cynical economic decision made by uninterested parties trading in a commodity of mutual value, blended and parceled out for consumption and rapid disposal. Joel Corry displays his ability at collaboration, the marshalling of talent, and with a style all his own in this year’s breakout single, ‘Bed.’

Alongside EDM grandmaster David Guetta, Joel Corry melds his own Tropical/Technical Dance style into a bracing, exciting mix that is as integral to the song’s structure as the vocal performance. RAYE delivers an energetic performance that strikes out early at the audience, establishing the tone and character of the piece from the get-go. The lyrics are relatable and served well by RAYE’s attitude and voice, really bringing us into the moment.

Joel Corry is proving adept at his craft and at navigating his industry. These formative pieces will lay the groundwork for greater future works and I’ll be excited to see where they go.

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