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Joel Corry x Mabel: “I Wish”

By: Tiare Pito
November 6, 2021

Joel Corry and Mabel have collaborated to bring us their new song ‘I Wish’, and we have been playing it non stop! ‘I Wish’ is a pop anthem for those full of yearning for relationships past.

Detailing regret-riddled reminiscing, ‘I Wish’ tells the story of someone who misses a past relationship. It speaks of how, looking back, she sees all of the things she did wrong, and wishes she appreciated her ex more. How she wishes she behaved differently, in a way that they deserved. The sincerity with which Corry and Mabel have delivered ‘I Wish’ shines through, and connect with listeners easily.

With a pumping beat and heartfelt, soulful vocals, ‘I Wish’ also provides a great listening experience. The fast paced tempo is addictive and draws listeners in. 

With such a striking song, we have no doubt that you’ll be obsessed the moment you hear it! We can’t wait to see what is next from Joel Corry and Mabel!

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