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JOCKS: “Riddle Me This” & “Always Be True”

By: James Brookes
February 4, 2018

One of our favorite pop bands has a few more tracks to exhibit off their latest EP: JOCKS. Just to show the guys some love, we’ve highlighted two of their next hits below! 

“Riddle Me This”

With an essence of dream like synths and riveting lyrical melodies comes, “Riddle Me This.” A highly positive and warming track to say the least, we were on this groove after hearing their initial release, “Don’t Stop The Beat.” Very much in the same vein as their collective sound, “Riddle Me This” stands out with a laid back chorus that anyone can immediately pick up. Don’t worry, it’s already been added to our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist

Purchase your copy of this track from their latest EP here.