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Joakim Molitor x Next To Neon: “Thinking Bout Sex”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
August 13, 2021

Joakim Molitor & Next To Neon put into song what’s on their mind with “Thinking Bout Sex.” 

The overtly sexual dance track is about two people that are constantly hooking up but are not in any sort of serious relationship.  One person wants more than the other and becomes obsessed with what it’s like when they’re together.  The woman seems to hold the reigns.  The attraction is definitely there but the guy is starting to realize that he may just be a booty call. 

It’s a catchy song that will have you dancing and singing along to the chorus before you know it.  However, because of the sexual nature of the track, you might want to be careful where you’re belting it out (at work or around kids may not be the best place). 

Joakim Molitor is a producer from Stockholm, Sweden.  He brought in Next to Neon to provide the vocals on the track.  The two have also collaborated on another song together entitled “Lonely.”

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