Jillian Steele: “You Can Have Him”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
May 02, 2022

Jillian Steele is making it known that “You Can Have Him” with her new single. 

The country track is an empowering breakup song.  The lyrics convey that she’s not upset or mad about being jilted, she’s happy about it.  Instead of being sad about the dissolution of her relationship to another woman, Steele expresses that she’s better off without her ex.  Her sweet vocals add to the relatable nature of the song.  The lyrics call out some of her ex’s traits that she’s glad to no longer have to deal with like “the cheap cologne he uses and his dirtbag friends.”  The catchy and powerful chorus is sure to hit a chord with others in a similar situation and makes for a great singalong. 

Steele may sound country, but she’s actually a native New Yorker living in Nashville.  She is not only a talent singer, but she’s also an accomplished songwriter who has written songs for other artists.

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