Jillian Steele: “No Expectations”

By: Jared Free
September 18, 2019

Look no further for the carefree jam that your playlist has been lacking. Jillian Steele’s “No Expectations” perfectly encapsulates the lighthearted feeling that comes with the end of the season. Listen below, Gas Maskers!

The crackly static that runs through “No Expectations” adds ambiance to Jillian Steele’s latest single. The lyrics are insanely relatable, talking about how after being burned, she’s going to enter into relationships with no expectations. Talk about carefree goals! The song starts out mostly acoustic but features an understated drop that might surprise you. The guitar and vocal lines interplay super well, with exciting production that alternates between smooth and staccato vocals to keep things interesting. We can’t get enough of it in the Gas Mask HQ! Check it out below.

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