Jey Grey: “Sunshine in your Pocket”

By: Fay Rose
August 20, 2021

As the summer season slowly begins to fade, replaced by the cool fall breeze followed by the brisk cold winter, “Sunshine in your Pocket” will transport you back to those glorious summer days gone by. Jey Grey’s newest single is all about reminiscing on the fun and carefree summertime memories of your youth.

“Sunshine in you Pocket” is an electropop tune sure to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. The upbeat melody promotes the feeling of good time vibes. The lyrics are like a verbal photo album, presenting a snapshot of moments in the past. The song resists the urge to go down the sappy or sentimental road by keeping a groovy beat and sense of cheerfulness throughout.

French singer-songwriter and producer, Jey Grey is a young artist who likes to experiment with a variety of musical genres including Indie, Electro, Pop, Rock and French Ballad. In addition to his musical career, Jey Grey works as head of communications for a big name industrial company.

Anytime you need a bright and sunny song to lighten up a dark day, remember that you always have “Sunshine in your Pocket.”

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