Jessica Sevier: “Confetti”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
April 05, 2022

Jessica Sevier has something to celebrate with her new single “Confetti.” 

The catchy country track has sweet melodies and relatable lyrics that are sure to have listeners singing along.  The Canadian singer’s charming vocals make it easy for people to connect to the words.  The lyrics question how a person knows if he/she is prepared to move forward or take the next step in life.  The song specifically calls out marriage.  Sevier sings about having doubts while her friends seem so sure. 

“Confetti” was written by Emma Lee, Karen Kosowski and Alyssa Micaela.  Sevier recorded it in Nashville with the help of Grady Saxman.    

Sevier is taking “Confetti” on the road.  Starting in April, she will be touring around Canada with her music.  Check out her site for dates and locations.

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