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Jessica Braithwaite: “Who You Know“

By: Tiare Pito
October 23, 2021

Back after a year-long break of releasing music, Jessica Braithwaite has impressed us all with her new single ‘Who You Know’! Well worth the wait, this upbeat tune has got us on our feet and dancing!

Providing a refreshing dose of reality in a positive way, ‘Who You Know’ speaks of the relationships we have with others that can enhance and improve our life. Talking to a key part of the human experience, Braithwaite’s rawness and optimism of such an integral message invokes a sense of connection with others, as it allows us to consider who we know, and who is closest to us in life. With such a skillfully written song, it is no wonder why it has ranked no. 6 in Australia’s National AMRAP Chart, as well as featuring frequently on stations in said country.  

‘Who You Know’ has provided a unique and optimistic listening experience, whilst staying true to Braithwaite’s own style of music. With her pop-country sound, Braithwaite frequently finds herself likened to global superstar Taylor Swift, and we couldn’t agree more! Brimming with talent, it is exciting to see where Braithwaite will go!

Known not only for her moving music, Braithwaite is no stranger to national exposure. As a much beloved TV Presenter, Braithwaite has long since charmed the people of Australia. Having recently returned to the studio for the first time in almost a year, it is great to see her back! We cannot wait to see what more is in store from Jessica Braithwaite!

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