JES, Joonas Hahmo & JS16: “The One”

By: Sydney Cooper
March 27, 2018

JES has teamed up with Joonas Hahmo & JS16 to bring a power packed, electro pop track. Read below to learn more!

JES is back with a vengeance on her latest release! Teaming up with Joonas Hahmo and JS16, this collaboration is not bringing you a traditional JES EDM track. β€œThe One” is a high energy electro pop tune composed of dance breaks and a creative twist to span the realms of EDM, dance and possibly even trance. We are feeling the energy hard and can’t get enough of the musical concept. Get your body moving right now; stream below, Gas Maskers!

Don’t worry we’ve already added, “The One” to our Gas Mask FAVORITES Playlist! Be sure to purchase your copy on iTunes today. Now available!

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