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Jerome Obholz: “All You Want”

By: Princess Carroll
March 27, 2020

R&B, alternative, country, and hip-hop beats collide in Jerome Obholz’s new release All You Want! Brace yourself, Gas Maskers.

Since his 2018 debut album More of You, Jerome has labeled himself a pop artist, yet his music is genre-bending. His new single features the soulful, but not strictly R&B, vocals we know and love. But it’s Obholz’s heartfelt lyrics in this piece that makes us want to swoon. Apart from the romance, the country and alternative influences make this track truly unique- and worth a listen. Join Jerome on this heartfelt ride in “All You Want” below! THEN, tell us what you think of the track on social media: @gasmaskmagazine.

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