Jen Kalicharan: “Bad Attitude”

By: Fay Rose
July 30, 2021

Guyanese-Canadian singer-songwriter Jen Kalicharan is giving out a “Bad Attitude,” while making it sound so good on her new single.

Immediately, upon first impression, I thought Jen Kalicharan was completely channeling Ariana Grande in sound, style and even 4-octave vocal range. She totally delivers on the bad attitude vibe with a fierce, bratty confidence and equally badass lyrics. Jen’s powerful R&B/pop style vocals highlight a dazzling talent beneath all that hardcore sass. There’s no doubt this girl can sing. The backing melodies are a unique blend of evocative synths contributing to the moody vibe of this electro-pop success.

“Bad Attitude” is the newest release from Jen Kalicharan’s upcoming EP, I Did This for You.

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