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Jeff Catto: “Want You Even More”

By: Fay Rose
September 26, 2021

If it wasn’t made apparent from the title, “Want You Even More” is a sweet and passionate love song about finding an everlasting love that keeps growing stronger with time.

Singer-songwriter Jeff Catto was inspired to write this romantic country ballad by the love and desire that continues to grow for his wife Brooke every day they are together. “Want You Even More” gives hope that the fairy-tale, forever kind of love is still possible.

Catto is no stranger to music, writing songs for over 18 years with 15 charting singles on Christian radio. In fact, he spent many years on the gospel music scene before returning to his country roots in 2021. It leaves little doubt that Catto belongs in country music, as you listen to his dynamic vocals and heartfelt lyrical storytelling that nestle perfectly amidst pop/rock-infused country instrumentals.

Take a listen to “Want You Even More” as you snuggle up with the one who sets your heart a flutter. Jeff Catto’s six-song EP, Songs for My Wife, will be released later this fall.

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