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James Storch: “What’s on Ya Mind”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
August 13, 2021

Like just about everyone in a relationship, James Storch wants to know “What’s on Ya Mind.” 

The track is an attempt to avoid miscommunication in a relationship.  It’s about getting on the same page and really telling each other how you feel.  Storch commented on the meaning behind the song on his Facebook page saying, “LACK OF COMMUNICATION is one of the top reasons why couples breakup. You gotta be able to talk openly with your partner and LISTEN.

It’s a two-way street.”  The track has some explicit lyrics right from the start so it might not be the best idea to blast it when around children.  Despite the somewhat serious subject matter, the song is upbeat, catchy and danceable.  It has an R&B feel with a mix of Pop.  James Storch is a singer/songwriter from Queens, NY. 

He found his love of music when he was young and channeled that passion along with his experiences into his singing and songwriting. 

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