James Bluck x Bad Milk: “Good For Me”

By: Tiare Pito
July 15, 2022

When a song can wholly capture in its intensity and sincerity, you know it is great. With his new single “Good For Me,” James Bluck has created just that; a song with the ability to capture any that listen. Buckle up readers, for this one takes you for a ride!

The song speaks to the internal conflict of being hooked on someone, knowing that they are no good for you. The self destructive urge to indulge in a love that is unhealthy yet enticingly, painfully addictive. The clever lyricism utilised in ‘Good For Me’ conveys with clarity the guilty pleasure found in such a scenario, successfully connecting with listeners in its rawness and authenticity. 

“Good For Me” is evocative and passionate in sound. Delivered on smooth vocals, we are treated with a slowly building beat that hooks instantly. The accompanying synths and instrumentals aide in the building of tension that keeps listeners hanging onto every sound. The wait pays off as the audio explodes in a slow burning cacophony of arrangements that are addictive in nature. Bluck has successfully orchestrated a very pleasurable and energetic listening experience. 

We could not be more impressed with “Good For Me.” James Bluck has done an amazing job with the song, and we can’t wait to see what will be next from this talented artist!

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