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Jaime Deraz: “Watch You Leave”

By: Jared Free
September 24, 2019

We can’t stop listening to “Watch You Leave” by Jaime Deraz. Give it a listen here, Gas Maskers!

One of the easiest ways to make a song truly engrossing is by playing with different ends of a spectrum. “Watch You Leave” by Jaime Deraz does this by employing vocal processing to strengthen emotional impact. The song opens with vocals processed to sound like waves on an ocean, but the actual melodic vocal line of the song is sung very straight, creating a sense of contrast that highlights the song’s depiction of a love ending. The steady, rhythmic beat feels almost like a clock ticking, tying into the lyrics about slowly moving on from a relationship. The geographical touch points used in the lyrics track the course of the relationship, giving it a relatable feel — before the last chorus delays the instrumental’s introduction, foregrounding the processed vocals again to devastating effect.

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