Gas Mask Magazine

Jade Naraine: “Broken To Breathe”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
August 20, 2021

Jade Naraine’s “Broken to Breathe” takes love to a whole new level. 

The guitar driven track focuses on someone that fell hard into a relationship. The feelings are so intense that she can’t imagine life without this person.  She will be devastated if things were to end. 

Naraine’s vocals bring sweetness and honesty to the country track.  She makes the listener really feel like she’s putting her heart and soul out there. 

Naraine is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada with a determination to make a change in the world.  She is a sexual assault and harassment survivor who is doing her best to help others going through similar situations.  The women’s rights activist is also an aspiring civil rights/abuse lawyer.

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