Jacob Lee:  “You Were Right”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
September 24, 2021

In his new song, Jacob Lee says what most people want to hear, “You Were Right.”  The expression in the song, however, has a somber tone. 

The track is an emotional plea following a breakup.  Lee’s hypnotic vocals and honest lyrics express the raw emotion of the experience.  He allows the listener to feel the pain that he’s going through.  The multi-talented musician and artist is a former The X-Factor and The Voice Australia contestant who built a following on the internet with his vocals and lyricism. 

He already has two albums under his belt, Philosophy and Conscience.  “You Were Right” is a song from his upcoming EP, No Longer Hollow.  Lee is scheduled to hit the road on a European tour next year where he will bring his music live to his fans in Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Finland and the UK. 

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