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Jacob Lee: “Don’t Forget Me”

By: Fay Rose
August 28, 2021

“Don’t Forget Me” is a new song heavy on deep thoughts and poignant sentiments from Australian singer-songwriter Jacob Lee.

The acoustic track is an emotional and relatable portrait of someone who feels displaced in their life and irrelevant to the people closest to them. The somber melody and sad lyrics make you feel like this is a final goodbye letter from someone giving up on life. Jacob Lee’s voice draws emotions as he sings the heartfelt verses with an authentic sincerity, while subtlety strumming the guitar chords to create a melody that accompanies the mood.

In 2014, The independent artist was a contestant on Australia’s version of The Voice, coached by

Jacob Lee’s new EP, No Longer Hollow, will be released soon, but for now don’t forget to listen to “Don’t Forget Me.” If you reside in Europe, you can catch Jacob Lee at one of his upcoming live shows scheduled for the fall.

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