J.W. CUDD: “Thinking of You” Remix

By: Eric Reyes
June 11, 2020

J.W. CUDD, Gas Mask Alumni and Stud Next Door, steps into the treacherous realm of artist remixes with “Thinking Of You.” 

Often in remixes, an artist allows their vocals to be sampled into oblivion, a core lyric or chorus all that is left, the rest of their work left on the cutting-room floor. Luckily for us, J.W. CUDD maintains the integrity of his original song’s lyrics and his own vocal performance. Enhanced here and there with just a pinch of electronic echo and digitization, the mix draws out the unique quality of his voice. J.W. CUDD has a great tonality that takes advantage of the bass in his voice. Even when he brings it in low, it resonates. 

Here, the remix is serving the song’s core without sacrificing the content. We’ve upped the tempo without altering the vibe. J.W. CUDD understands what about his own performance, his own art, stands out and works, and using that to its full effect. Don’t miss out, listen in today! Stream it below, and tell us what you think of it on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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