J.W. CUDD: “Hips”

By: Hennessy Echemendia
March 25, 2021

“From Zero to Sixty, you put on a show” This slow grind of a song, lights up ones passionate side. It starts slow and atmospheric, and quickly escalates into an arrangement of naughty emotions. This one is hot, and melodic. 

Lust is the heart of this track. The production is beautifully snappy, quantized and on time! This piece is reminiscent of walking through a dark club atmosphere drink in hand. When closing ones eyes, this track might bring the image of a dream girl to your mind, swaying back and forth on the dance floor. Blue and green laser lights cascading through her wild hair as she spins her hips with passion.

Desire trickles down your spine as you hear the vocal performance, which is sensual, and provocative, yet reserved enough for most listeners. Suggestions of a long night, and plenty of champagne takes the audience away to their favorite intimate moments. Whispers and wishes of love hover on ones mind until the end of this track.

This piece definitely has a radio like quality and sticky nature. The taunting wordplay, and intimate dialogue is clever. J.W. CUDD takes us on a visual journey of vehicle based innuendos, which allows this song to be consumed by less mature audiences.

If you want a song with good vibes created by someone with a beautiful voice i’d most definitely add this single to your playlist and i’d go check out more from JW!

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