By: Tiare Pito
February 15, 2023

With his pumping beats and airy, unpretentious voice, J.W. CUDD never fails to impress. Proving himself once again, CUDD has hooked us all with his newest single “FANGS!”

Seamlessly blending dreamy vocals with a sick EDM beat, CUDD effortlessly captures listeners. “Fangs” provides an intimate listening experience as we follow CUDDs recounting of a difficult relationship. With a great rhythm and addictive beat, “Fangs” entices listeners into moving along to the music. The atmosphere and energy created is palpable, and makes it easy for listeners to lose themselves in the song and connect with it on a deep level. The contrast of the upbeat tempo, with the earnest, open lyrics serves to further the experience that “Fangs” creates for listeners, into something even more evocative. 

J.W. CUDD is a well established artist that delivers quality sounds every single time. We love the passion of “Fangs’,” and have no doubt that you will too! Keep an eye on CUDD, because he’s taking the music industry by storm!

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