Gas Mask Magazine

J.Shul: “Losing Myself”

By: Blaire Cache
June 14, 2019

J.Shul’s newest track is beyond stellar! Check out what we thought of “Losing Myself” below, Gas Maskers.

Portland based producer J.Shul has been ascending into the musical stratosphere for some time, but his newest jam “Losing Myself” is sure to skyrocket him to the heavens! This cosmic Electro track is ambitious, bouncy and almost psychedelic in tone. We love how this track moves us through its smooth, groovy beats. “Losing Myself” will provoke you to do, well, just that; lose yourself! While this is a tune that will inspire you to get up and dance, it’s also the perfect summer track to zone-out and drift-off into the soundwaves. Well done, J.Shul, keep it coming! Stream this jam below.

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