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Jamel: “Issa G/Hood Day”

By: Tiare Pito
May 30, 2022

With the chaos and hardship permeating society today, it is easy to let the negativity get to you. However, with the release of their new song “Issa G/Hood Day,” Jamel offers an escape from that. A chilled out anthem to convey good vibes. It is THE song to listen to when you are feeling stressed out and on edge.

“Issa G/Hood Day” offers a message of positivity in a time when things feel bleak. It speaks to not letting yourself get caught up in your problems, and instead taking easy and enjoying the moment. The lyrics are composed in a clever manner to solidify the relaxed nature of “Issa G/Hood Day,” whilst simultaneously staying true to Jamel’s own unique style of composition. 

Delivered on soulful yet simultaneously laid back vocals, “Issa G/Hood Day,”’ is very pleasing to the ear. Chilled out percussions are overlaid with brassy instrumentals to create an overwhelming positive, feel-good energy. All audible aspects blend meticulously together and make for a very easy-going, enjoyable listening experience. 

Suffice to say, Jamel has really impressed us all with “Issa G/Hood Day.” With work such as this, we cannot wait to see what will come next!

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