Isaiah Eby: “Let Me In”

By: Eric Reyes
March 16, 2021

Consider me charmed. Isaiah Eby won me over with this wonderful, lively, open-hearted performance.

I want to remark chiefly on his vocals. He has a beautiful voice. Varied, bright, with the waver and flutters of a practiced singer that knows his range and plays with it, to his benefit. I was taken back to the era of singer/songwriter solo acts, i.e. the early 00’s, with this natural flow and lightness of spirit. A song fit for a romantic comedy montage, but without being too sappy, and having plenty of style and substance to be a breakout hit apart from the vehicle it’s attached to. There was nothing held back in the performance, but it also was not bursting at the seams trying to impress with some flourish. There was nothing to prove, at least to me, as there is a clear musical ability here.

Lyrically, Isaiah Eby plays around with simple rhyming schemes, but they don’t ring hollow or carry that forgetfulness a lot of music has these days, especially music that appeals to love and longing. The words had impact, buoyed by, again, his beautiful voice. Did I mention I liked his voice?

The only disappointment to be found in this review is that Let Me In is the only track available on his page. I want more. I demand it. I haven’t been this smitten in ages. You will be too. Come on, let him in. You won’t regret it.

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