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if found x VAANCE x Herrin: “All I Want”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
October 08, 2021

“All I Want” will leave you wanting more. 

It’s a moving track about the end of a relationship.  The emotional song expresses a deep loss and the impact a person can have on another’s life. 

The haunting vocals embody that sentiment.  The music enhances the feeling with both soothing and climactic moments.  It pulls at the heartstrings.  In addition to articulating heartache, the song also conveys the yearning to find someone new that is just like the person that slipped away.  It’s not just the title and lyrics give a sense of desire and longing, all of the elements combined leave a lasting impression.  T

he track is a collaboration between if found, VAANCE, and Herrin and features Harley Bird. 

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