iamnotshane: “Youโ€™re Dead To Me, I Hope You Fail”

15. April 2021 | Autor: Eric Reyes

iamnotshane won my interest out the gate with the clever title. Being as well initiated in the realm of overly long song titles as any vet of the early 00โ€™s emo/sceneโ€ฆ scene, โ€˜Youโ€™re Dead To Me, I Hope You Failโ€™ is that all the way through. It doesnโ€™t use it as a cutesy sidetrack to some flowery, poetic cross-examination of introspective teenage angst.

No, itโ€™s a catchy, infectious, vibe-crazy fuck you toโ€ฆ well whoever deserves it. Someone who maybe thinks they have it all, especially your affection and attention, and doesnโ€™t deserve it. The wake-up call in crisp, well produced musical form.

Feeling observational at times, accusatory at others, it feels like an inner monologue spoken aloud. The gritty, funky beat throughout really drives the emotion. iamnotshaneโ€™s wordplay and performance is entrancing here. It grabs you early, and it shakes you awake. The chills I got throughout, especially towards the end, really are a credit to the effective mix and melding of vocalizations and electronic musicality on clear display.

Weโ€™re along for the ride, and Iโ€™ll be honest, Iโ€™ll keep buying this ticket.