I Am Boleyn: “In Between”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 21, 2020

London-based synth pop artist I Am Boleyn wants us to party like it’s 2099 with her new single, “In Between.”

Since 2019, I Am Boleyn has been sweeping the pop music scene with her slick, bright and sci-fi inspired sound. With a voice that blends the sultry rumble of Stevie Nicks with the retro 80’s production style of artists like La Roux and Robyn, I Am Boleyn creates finely-calibrated dance tunes that have just the right amount of zip. Prepare yourself to enter a Blade Runner-esque rave complete with lasers and disco ball robots when you listen to “In Between.”

On this number, I Am Boleyn shifts back and forth between reality and simulation as the narrative describes a too-good-to-be-true encounter at the club. “It’s like a laser scanning for me in this room/It’s like a frequency trackin’ all that I do,” I Am Boleyn begins to sense that there’s something about this scene that feels artificial. “It’s so typical when you look at me/Take my breath away,” the artist is too caught up in the moment to care if what she’s experiencing is real or programmed. 

I Am Boleyn crafts all of her delicate yet upbeat tracks with a small team in Stockholm. The UK artist isn’t one to shy away from switching things up from time to time, so with “In Between” I Am Boleyn decided to give us a booming dance tune that still feels just as personal and emotional as her other songs. The future of synth pop music is looking pretty bright now that I Am Boleyn is around to shake things up!

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