Huxley: “Man Enough”

By: Tiare Pito
October 30, 2021

Having just produced the killer track ‘Man Enough’, Huxley has left us all impressed. Featuring a pumping beat and vocals, ‘Man Enough’ is a moving and raw hit single.

‘Man Enough’ has an unmatched sound that gets one moving. This melodic house and techno anthem features solid beats, wicked synths and dark, moody vocals. As the song progresses, the tension continues to build, easily drawing listeners in. The flaring energy holds listeners captive right to the end. Skillfully blended together, Huxley’s experience and talent for music is on full display. ‘Man Enough’ provides a deliciously captivating musical experience that keeps the heart racing and the blood pumping. 

With such a thrilling song, we cannot help but want more! We are excited to see what Huxley will come up with next!

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